About the Band

Instrument: Lead Vocals
Age: 27
Hometown: Canton, Georgia
Twitter: JustinLeeHicks

Fun Fact: Justin has consumed enough milk in his lifetime that if you laid the pint bottles end-to-end, they would stretch for over two miles (seriously, he did the math...) and for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, he has never broken a bone in his body.

Instrument: Bass Guitar
Age: 30
Hometown: Anderson, South Carolina
Twitter: evanmarccollins

Fun Fact: Evan is blind in one eye, which means if/when people throw things at him, there is a 90% chance he won't catch them.

Instrument: Guitar
Age: 31
Hometown: Troy, North Carolina
Twitter: RoseTheBear

Fun Fact: Bear can grow a mustache that rivals Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, and Nick Offerman. The mustache's name is "Hidalgo."

Instrument: Guitar
Age: 25
Twitter: beejbryant
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Fun Fact: BJ fakes a pretty good Australian accent. In fact, he once kept a job for three years, at which he used the accent virtually all the time. To this day, 90% of his old coworkers still believe he was born and raised in Sydney.

Instrument: Drums
Age: 26
Twitter: cobuspotgieter
Hometown: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Fun Fact: Cobus likes cheese. A lot. And bread. And if you ever have these two things together anywhere near him, he turns into a rabbid tasmanian-devil-looking creature.

You can read more about the journey that brought these men together by visiting MyYouTubeBandProject.com.