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"Way Up Here" is Now on iTunes!

Posted on 10/22/2013 by Cobus

6 years ago, I started recording drum covers in an empty church at 2am, with borrowed equipment and an overhead project as my only light source.

A few days ago, my band launched out first album to iTunes and it debuted at #46 on the iTunes Rock Charts... and it's available here:

The fact that those two first sentences are spoken by the same person, referring to the same career, is surreal and overwhelming to say the least... but the coolest thing for me is that you, reading this, YOU are one of the people responsible for linking those two crazy sentences together. It's because of your views, comments, likes and support that not only my dreams are coming true, but those of my band-mates' as well. This story has inspired thousands of people the world over to work hard and follow their dreams. How does that make you feel? I hope it makes you feel like the epic and awesome winner at life that you are! We are so incredibly thankful and we would love for you to hear what your support made possible:

If you pick up our album, please leave an honest rating and review, we read them all and they are awesome... having a 5-star rated album feels incredible! Our music is also available on Google Play Music, and Amazon MP3.

This album was crowd-funded, written and recorded in 30 days by band members who auditioned via YouTube, and independently released to an international audience. That makes it a first of its kind and it means we made history! THANK YOU.

This is only the beginning. Much love!
Ventura Lights

"Way Up Here" Box Set Now Available

Posted on 8/27/2013

It feels unbelievable to be able to say this... You can now purchase our box set by following THIS LINK. Boom! We are so thankful and humbled by the support that has made our journey possible thus far, and we CAN'T WAIT to share this experience with you!!

Grab the Box Set

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